Monday, November 3, 2008

Ms. Kitten Rocks the Vote!

On my 18th birthday, I walked into the town hall in Granby, Connecticut and met with the registrar of voters. After filling out some paperwork, showing some identification, and taking an oath, I became a registered Democrat.

My party affiliation hasn't changed since.

My interest in politics seriously began when I was a junior in high school, when Bill Clinton was running for the first time. I found a Clinton/Gore bumper sticker and, since I didn't have a car at the time, stuck it on my AP US History notebook. I felt it was appropriate to stick it there.

Election Night, my friend Jon and I had maps of the US, and we colored the states in red and blue as the returns came in, and we were both so excited to show each other our maps, in Clinton's favor, at school the next day.

If I could have voted in that election, I would have.

My first official election was in 1994, when Bill Curry and John Rowland ran for governor. I was in college at the time, and my parents weren't willing to pick me up and drive me home just to vote, so they made me contact Town Hall so I could obtain an absentee ballot. I voted for Bill Curry, partially because he was an alumni of my high school. (I only recently learned that Joe Courtney, another Connecticut politician, is also an alumni of my high school). Anyhoo, John Rowland won that election.

And if you follow Connecticut politics closely, y'all know what happened to him.

My first official presidential election was in 1996, and again, I had to vote by absentee ballot. Reason? I was studying abroad at the time. I was so excited when my absentee ballot arrived in the mail, I mailed it back the same day. That was the Clinton/Dole election, and of course, I cast my ballot for our incumbent president at the time.

The first election I could actually be present for was back in 1998. I had just graduated from college, and really felt weird actually being present on Election Day to vote. It was another gubernatorial contest, this time, between Barbara Kennelly and John Rowland.

It was the only time I voted Republican. I voted for John Rowland.

Mama Cat, a lifelong, self-described, tree-hugging liberal, was soooooooooo mad.

My first presidential election was in 2000. I voted for Al Gore.

And y'all know what happened then.

And tomorrow morning, I'm off to the polls once again. I always vote on my way into work; that way, I can avoid the post-work crowds around 5 PM. I vote at an elementary school with a really smart PTA. Why is the PTA so smart? They use Election Day as a bake sale fundraiser! So I can go vote tomorrow morning, and then get breakfast!

(Granted, it'll be of the sugary, buttery variety, but it's Election Day Breakfast!)

So tell me, Kittens, what was your first time voting like? Let's discuss!

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