Monday, July 6, 2009

Bored, bored, bored...really don't like it, really don't like it...

WARNING: I am a little whiny in this post today. Please bear with me.

Well, I had my relaxing, laid-back July 4th weekend. I am still on vacation. Now I am bored.

I got all my errands done last week. I'm setting up my volunteer schedule right now. The boredom will go away, but right now, I am just trying to figure out what to do with my time.

I went to bed tres late last night and woke up at 6. I am still housesitting. I only woke up early because my friend left her car behind, and someone was picking it up to take it to the mechanic for some routine maintenance. So, I had to be up, dressed, and looking presentable when the guy came. My friend said, "Oh, he'll be there somewhere 'round 7 or 7:30."

He arrived at 9. I didn't sweat it; I just made some coffee, had breakfast, and read the god-awful, newly revised Hartford Courant. (My friend has tried and tried again to cancel her subscription, but she keeps getting sucked into the sales pitch). The guy said he'd drop the car back off around 5.

Now that I no longer felt prisoner in the home, I needed to get out. But where would I go? I didn't feel like shopping, was too tired to exercise, so I decided to go home, back to my kitties.

They were glad to see me. Gabs is on the desk now, stretched out and napping.

Napping...good idea!

I'd go to the beach, gladly, but it's not warm enough. At 75 degrees, it's still cool enough for me to walk around in a t-shirt and jeans as opposed to shorts.

It hasn't really felt like summer yet. With the exception of a few gratefully appreciated sunny days here and there, it's been raining like mad here in our fair state of Connecticut. It's scheduled to rain tomorrow and Wednesday, but it's finally going to get hotter by the end of the week. Maybe there will be beach days after all!!!

It also doesn't help that almost half of my friends are out of town. My friends in the choir are currently on a tour of Prague, Bucharest, and Vienna--jealous, yet very, very happy for them. The friend I'm housesitting for is touring the same cities, but on a river cruise. (I've already told both parties to keep an eye out for them...that would be wild if they met each other for the first time!)

The other half of my friends are working during the day or tending to their families.

Well, now that I'm home, I can get my camera. I think I'll go check what this week's Friday Shoot-Out topic is, take a nap, go back to my friend's house, and take some pictures.

OK, now I've got a plan. Boring day...over! Thanks for letting me figure it out!


Aileigh said...

Ugh, I hate when that happens! Napping sounded the best to me, seeing as how my 8 month old doesn't like to sleep at night! :) I would opt for that, curled up with kitties! At least they sleep! :)

Anonymous said...

Haven't you learned anything from my blog? When you're bored just take a zillion pictures of yourself making funny faces! Works every time to cure the boredom for me!

Suz said...

I always love coming home to my cats, too. I left a party on Saturday because I missed them...does that make me lame?

-Suz from The Chandelier

drollgirl said...

ha! i totally relate to you! sometimes the time off leads to a little boredom, particularly if books have been read, blogs have been seen, and there isn't really money to go shopping! glad you found a solution! :)

blueviolet said...

I'm glad you figured out something to do!

Grand Pooba said...

You're welcome, anytime, no prob!

(A nap is my answer to everything)

Mel said...

75 degrees? Girl! They just said on the tv a bit ago that the weather will be getting warmer again here. It was 89 today. Really? Getting warmer? Connecticut sounds awesome! Stupid south.

septembermom said...

I know about those boredom blues. I can be surrounded by excited kids and still sometimes feel like I'm in a funk. Glad that you have a plan. Something always will come to mind.