Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Writers Workshop: Where do you want to go today?

It's been an awfully long time since I've done one of Mama Kat's Writers Workshop prompts, but today I feel inspired.

Here's today's prompt:
4.) List 5 things you like to do while camping...or 5 places you'd like to go.
(inspired by Kisatrtle)

OK, here's one thing you need to know about me: I don't go camping. I don't like bugs in my hair, sleeping in dirt, or wild creatures sneaking around my campsite--especially snakes. I have a serious serpent phobia here. The only thing good about camping is smores, but I can easily make 'em over my parents' firepit (and I have).

Anyhoo, in lieu of this, I am giving you a list of five places I'd like to go:

1. Australia
I've always wanted to visit the land Down Under, and after reading In a Sunburned Country, I'm more determined than ever to go. The people there seem so nice, so friendly, so laid-back...not to mention, their accents are rawther sexy.

And I wouldn't mind getting a glimpse of this guy, either:

2. California
There are various places in California I'd like to visit. I would love to do the tourist thing in Hollywood and L.A., of course, but I'd also like to visit the beaches in San Diego, as well as spend an extended stay in Napa Valley.

3. Quebec

I last visited Montreal back in 1995, and I really, really want to return. I went on a weekend trip with my college choir, and had so much fun. I only got a small taste of what Quebec has to offer. A good friend of mine recently spent a week there and told me all about her visit. Next year I'm begging her to take me along.

4. The Adironda
cks/Lake George region
My maternal grandparents owned a cabin in upstate New York. We used to go every summer and spend a week there. Their cabin was right on the Hudson River, and they had a pontoon dock. I'd go fishing on the pontoon dock every day.

Hmmm...I feel a Friday Flashback post comin' on...

5. Italy
The land of my ancestors. My parents went on a big trip to Italy last year and loved every single minute of it. Some of my friends went on a trip a couple of years back with their choir and had some gorgeous pictures to share--especially in the sunflower fields of Tuscany.

There are many, many other places that I want to travel to, but since the prompt only required five, I'm going to stop here for now. Maybe I'll write a sequel post next week.

Now, what about you, kittens? Where do YOU want to go?


Mimi Lenox said...


Now I'm feeling the travel bug...I also came to say this:

I've noticed that you play a few other memes in the blogosphere. I really enjoy your answers! I'd like to invite you to play The Queen's Meme every Tuesday with Mimi Queen of Memes.

The fun begins next week on July 14, 2009. I will send another reminder to everyone on Monday.
The Queen's Meme

I hope you will join us!
Mimi Lenox

Anonymous said...

I completely agree about the camping!!! :-) great list of places to see.

septembermom said...

Another Hugh Jackman mention today? You're spoiling me with that photo. I like your travel destination photos. I would love to go to Italy, Greece, Hawaii, Switzerland and any beautiful, tropical island.

Mel said...

Ooooh! Can I come? Except Lake George, which I've already visited (with crazy stuck-up hair after a boat ride and many black fly bites), these are all places I'd like to go. I'm a great travel companion. Just let me know and I'll book my tickets!