Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Thunks: July 16, 2009

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1. Do you know anyone with heterochromia? Does it freak you out or do you think it's interesting?
My BFF has one green eye and one hazel eye. Gabby, my younger cat, has one green eye and one gold eye. I think it's cool, and just adds to their mystique.

2. Should a 5th face be added to Mount Rushmore? If so, who?
Yes...mine. Can you picture my cute little grey face smiling next to Abe Lincoln's? (And I can't do a Photoshop illustration of it, sorry guys. If anyone out there wishes to do so, E-mail me your work at

3. If you could live on any planet other than Earth, which one would you choose and why?
Jupiter! Right smack dab in the middle o' the Big Red Spot. I have always wanted to see what the Big Red Spot would be like.

4. We're going to spend the night at a reportedly haunted location, are you going with us?
If so, which reportedly haunted place are we going?
Ahhhhh, noooooooo. I don't do haunted that well. I'm a pretty easy person to scare.

5. Did you play The Queen's Meme this week? If so, was it fair of The Queen to put Berleen in the dungeon by association with Kimber? (We all know Kimber deserved it, but Berleen?!)
I did play The Queen's Meme this week, and you can find my answers here. As for the answer to your second question, I don't believe in guilt by association.

6. What color is the towel(s) hanging in your bathroom?
I have striped pastel towels hanging up right now--white, pink, blue--ah, hell, here's a pic for y'all:

7. Tell us something funny that happened to you recently.
Click here for my lesson on how NOT to clean your keyboard.

8. We just bought you a cow. Do you kill it & grill it, feed it & milk it, or sell it?
I will hug it and squeeze it and call him George and make him mine forever!

9. It's 115 degrees outside (46 degrees Celsius), are you able to go without Air Conditioning?
Ahhhh, nooooooo. I'm asthmatic. When it's that hot usually there are pollutants in the air, which make it hard for me to breathe. So I just stay inside and chill by the A/C. HA! I made a punny!

10. When you visit the zoo do you wonder which animal tastes better with a bit of butter & spices?
OK, first we had a question about the welfare of a cow, now you're asking me another question about animal killing? Is it rabbit season or duck season where y'all live?

11. Dog ate your homework/work papers. Does it crap out Shakespeare, quantum physics, or just crap?
I don't think I've ever seen a dog crap out Hamlet's soliloquy or Einstein's theory of relativity. Seriously, the dog craps out some pretty shitty papers. HA! I made another punny! I'm on a roll this week, kids!

12. We are taking you to a Broadway show, what are we going to see?
Oooohhhh, you're taking me to a Broadway show?!?! I wanna go see A Steady Rain, a play starring Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman. James Bond and Wolverine sharing a stage. Ahhhh...

13. Gunshots in your neighborhood. Pop, pop, pop. Do you go out to take a look, or hide?
If there was an opportunity for me to help the victim, I would. But I wouldn't randomly go take a look for the heck of it. I'd call the police.


Anonymous said...

Lol w/ the cow! I'd be the same way!

I can't believe you showed a picture of your towel! That's daring! Mine are too grimy to show to the public!

Aileigh said...

My brother has sectoral heterochromia and I never knew what it was called until today! :) Thanks! Great answers! I had to laugh at the Cow answer! I love Bugs Bunny!

septembermom said...

I had a feeling that you would pick a Hugh Jackman show! Good choice:) I love the Looney Tunes reference to that hugging George. I always loved that one too! I'm not a person for haunted experiences either. I'm a true chicken in that area. Fun post!

Jodi said...

Good thing you don't have to grade shitty papers!! LOL

I too would not do well with my asthma and extreme heat.

The questions this week were stabbing into this animal lover's heart. I know you are one too!

drollgirl said...

BAHAHAH!!!! THE KEYBOARD STORY!!! ok, sorry for laughing, but that is a scream!!!

my keyboard is FILTHY and i want to run it through the dishwasher, but my computer nerd man is telling me NO< NO< NO!

blueviolet said...

Our first dog had one green eye and one blue eye. It was so cool!

I can't think about eating when I'm at the zoo. It smells too much like poop and nastiness!

Mel said...

Look at you repping the Abominable Snowman!

And, #12? I think I might have passed out a little thinking about that. Then revived myself to think about it a little more.

Grand Pooba said...

Oh, cute little George the cow! I'd do the same thing!