Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Fragments: The "I'm on Vacation?" Edition

Hello, kittens! Welcome to another edition of Friday Fragments, brought to you by the good people at Half Past Kissin' Time.

How is it that I can be busier on vacation than I am when I'm working? This week was full of errands!

Monday: A routine oil change turns into replacement of my alternator belt, as well as a transmission flush. I think there was another belt replaced, too, but I don't remember which one it was. Oh yeah, and I did get the oil change done too. I have an excellent mechanic who is very honest with me; he showed me the old belt and how much it was damaged. I'm glad he does this; that way I know he's not screwing with me.

Following my visit chez le mechanicien, I had to stop at AT&T Wireless to see if I could replace my phone. I have a Sony Ericsson W350 phone, which looks like this:

I got it for free when my contract expired last year, and the front flip panel broke off. Since I'm not eligible for an upgrade, they can't replace my phone for free. They can, however, give me a small discount on a new phone--provided I pay the $75 early contract renewal fee.

Uh, I just spent $350 on car repair. No thanks.

From there it was off chez le dentiste for my biannual checkup. I had to have X-rays. Once again, they hygenist scolded me for not flossing--and she scolded me more when the X-rays came back and she found a possible cavity between my molars. The dentist himself checked it out, concluded it was not a cavity, and I've been flossing like a banshee ever since.

Tuesday: Visit to Gigi, my therapist, followed by a jaunt to the library, then the Y.

Wednesday: Started a housesitting gig. Had to drive my friend, the owner of said house, to another friend's house. A limo was meeting them to take them to JFK. They're off on a river cruise in Central Europe right now! I'm so happy for them!

I had to drive my friend's Chrysler Pacifica over to the house. I'm not used to driving a car that big, but it was kinda cool. At least I didn't have to back into a parking space.

Thursday: Took my car back to the mechanic's. The belt was still squeaking, and I was concerned. He made a few adjustments and sent me on my way. And I also got a good look at his assistant--younger than I am, but he was adorable!!!

Then I went back to my house to greet Maggie and Gabby, got some stuff I needed, and stayed for a couple of hours. Then it was back to my friend's house, where I had lunch, did some reading on the patio, then went upstairs and took a three-hour nap.

Did I mention there are lots of ants in this house? There are! And they creep up in the weirdest places. Unfortunately this is not my house so I can't invest in ant traps, but I'm tired and creeped out at finding the occasional stray ant in the bed! Yuck!

To my American pals: Happy 4th of July weekend! I don't have any plans other than relaxing by the pool. To my Canadian buddies: Hope you had a great Canada day! And to my international friends: Enjoy the best weekend ever!

I'll be at the VGNO tonight if anyone wants to stop by! See you then, kittens!


Anonymous said...

I always feel like I need a vacation from my vacation bc my time off is also filled with to-do's.

Happy 4th!

MISSY said...

What a busy vacation! You will need another week off to recoup from this one.
Isn't funny how when you take your car in for a minor oil change they find something drastically wrong with it? At least you got to see a hunky mechanic!
Happy 4th!!!