Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Ike and Hanna Revue

Tropical Storm Hanna has arrived. So far we in central Connecticut have had some steady, at times heavy, rain, but some folks in the Danbury area currently are under a tornado warning. Wind isn't scheduled to arrive till midnight.

The Zyrtec I took this morning did nothing for my allergies. Usually when there's a storm like this no amount of meds will do. As a result, I took a long nap around 5:30 ish and woke up about an hour ago. I'm feeling a little better, but am still wary.

The rain's picking up now. There's a little bowl outside, on my deck, that I placed there for collecting my water for tomorrow's Water Ingathering. I'll pick it up tomorrow morning and put some of it into a little container, then bring it to church.

I wonder how many churchgoers will steal my idea. Heh heh heh.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Ike is now heading to Cuba and is anticipated to make landfall in the Gulf Region by the end of next week. Sigh...they can't catch a break down there. I just hope the levees hold up again, the way they did for Gustav.

I've heard we have a levee in Middletown near the Connecticut River, but I have never seen evidence of it. I've never seen a levee on the Portland side of the river, or maybe I've never really paid attention. I'll have to check it out next time I'm on Route 9.

I'm really surprised people haven't prepared more for this tropical storm, save for those who live directly on the shoreline. I was at the A&P today, half expecting a run on bread and milk, and the shelves were fully stocked. The store was slightly more crowded today than usual, though, but I don't think it had anything to do with the impeding weather.

The TV stations didn't seem too panicked at first. This afternoon, while watching rain delay coverage of the US Open, there was no small radar screen in the upper right hand corner on WFSB, as is custom for bad weather. Nor was there anything on WVIT or WTNH. By 8:00, however, WVIT had a reporter in Stonington, and Brad Field was broadcasting the latest from the studio.

Meanwhile, on the cable news stations, Ike was the main focus. I'm surprised no one has made the quip, "We don't like Ike." Or any other quips for that matter. (I myself am proud of the clever title I gave this post).

I'll be back tomorrow with an account of Hanna's aftermath. I just hope not to lose power!

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