Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Morning

First of all, if you read my Feedjit, you'll notice I've been on five times in a row. Trust me, I have a life; I just am having a lot of trouble getting my butt in gear today.

I went to bed sometime between 1:30 and 2:00 this morning and managed to physically rise from the couch at 9:30. I'm not quite fully awake, and I'm not hungry for breakfast, but I know that I need the energy if I want to go to the Y later on. I've been a slacker with the exercise lately.

Last night I attended a yoga class for the first time in years. I really enjoy yoga, but have never had the head space to get into a regular practice. That is, hopefully, until now. I enjoyed the poses, the balancing, the clearing of my mind, and just the regular relaxation of it all. I would love to make this a part of my Friday night routine. Happy hour be damned.

Today I've got nothing on the docket, other than correcting some papers. I really need to dust and vacuum, so I have got to make that a priority. Plus I have to go grocery shopping for the week, since I'm tired of eating the soy/bulgur wheat casserole I made a few days ago, even though it's pretty tasty.

I know that I can accomplish all of this and still have a weekend relatively low on stress.

That is, if I just get my butt in gear.

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