Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Pumpkin Pie Looks Awesome!

I know I said I'd post the recipe tonight, but I'm postponing it for tomorrow because I have some great pics to show you of the first pie I ever made!

Here's the crust right after I rolled it and pressed it into the pan. I am so damn proud of this crust! This was the part of making the pie that made me the most nervous.

Here's the pie right after I poured the filling into the crust.

Here's the pie immediately after the oven timer went off and I pulled out the rack...

...and here's the finished product, all cooled off, ready to be wrapped and refrigerated.

My friend will receive this gift with a nice can of Reddi Whip.

Hmmm...this looks good enough to make me want pumpkin pie for breakfast...

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Lisa said...

Oh I love pumpkin pie....just another sign that fall is coming!

Thanks for putting me on your list of blogs! :)