Saturday, September 6, 2008

Waiting for Hanna

It's humid. My nose is running. The allergies are in full force. It can only mean one thing...

There's a storm a comin'...

My mother calls me "The Human Barometer"; when I was a kid my allergies were so bad that she always knew when weather would strike. And right now we're waiting for Tropical Storm Hanna to make her way to the northeast. She hit the Carolinas yesterday (I have to see if Jane R. is okay), and is due here mid-afternoon.

Some people would piss and moan that the first day of the weekend is crappy, but I'm welcoming the day inside. I have a lot to do: schoolwork, housecleaning, laundry, etc. But before the rain hits, I have to go to collect my water for the Water Ingathering service at church tomorrow. Most UU churches operate on a school year type schedule, and tomorrow is our first official service of the church year. The first service has a ceremony called the "Water Ingathering". It's when members of the parish bring water in from a place that has meaning to them (although a lot of it seems to come from the tap from home, if the stories I hear are to be believed), and they pour it all into a bowl. Our minister brings it home, boils it, purifies it, and freezes it, so whenever there are ceremonies during the year, this is the water we use.

So I have to drive over to Wadsworth Falls later. I figure that now, after five years of living in Middletown, it's safe to say that I've planted some nice deep roots here, and the Falls, for me, is the most important body of water here. (Well, there are others, like Crystal Lake, but I like the view of the Falls better).

Or maybe I can stand outside when Hanna comes and get rain from there.

Ooooohhhh...I like that idea better!

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