Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Am Freaking Out

Usually all of the things I worry about have to deal with stuff that's going on intrapersonally. However, lately, I've been more worried about the stuff that's going on here in the United States:
  • We're in the financial crapper right now, or as a friend of mine says, "We're in the toilet, heads above water, and someone's about to flush."
  • When it comes to foreign policy, we're really low in the world's eyes right now.
  • Obama and McCain are still running neck and neck. The mere thought of McCain getting elected, possibly dying in office, and Sarah Palin being sworn in as President (hell, just the thought of her being VICE-President) are frightening me.

I have never been so scared for the future of this country. I realize that things are completely out of my control; after all, I'm not a congresswoman helping to work out a plan for the bailout, but I'm still freaking out.

I thought I had really gotten my life back together this year. Now this happens.

Will I ever get out from underneath? Will I ever stop being depressed about...well, everything?

Will I ever stop overreacting?

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