Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Survived School Picture Day

Today I got up earlier than usual to get ready for school picture day, a day I had been dreading all week. For me, school picture day really isn't as much about the outfit as it is about the hair. I have naturally curly hair which frizzes quite easily, and it never curls the same way twice. I don't have time to blow dry, and my hair dries out easily, so I just put in some leave in conditioner and some anti-frizz creme and I'm good to go.

Some mornings, however, I take out my MaxiGlide flat iron. It is the best investment I have ever made for my hair. Yesterday was one of those mornings. The nice thing about the MaxiGlide is that it takes me ten minutes to straighten my hair, versus almost half an hour with the blow dryer. My hair is never completely straight, though; I just do it enough to give it a nice wave, and it's under better control.

With Picture Day in mind, I spent extra time on the 'do this morning. I touched up my hair with the flat iron again, but it left it too straight. No body whatsoever. So I flipped my head over and sprayed my hair with the travel size can of Tresemme hair spray that I bought three years ago. (You can see now how much I use hair spray). Then it started to frizz, so I took a pump of anti-frizz creme and ran it through my strands.

I was somewhat satisfied, so I decided to put on my makeup. My hair started to frizz some more after I was done, so I worked a couple of small pumps of anti-frizz serum into my hair, and it finally looked good enough for me.

I know I should not have put as much product in my hair as I did, but I was desperate! It is Picture Day after all!

I taught one class, then had a break to go down to the auditorium for the dreaded event. Before I did, though, I powdered my nose, put on some lipstick, and asked if my teeth were white enough. (I was afraid the coffee would stain my teeth). I checked my outfit: beige shirt with grey pants, accessorized with gold hoops, tanzanite studs, and my trademark strand of pearls. No stains. I was ready.

This year we had to kneel down for our pictures; I don't know why. And we had to fold our arms in front of us on this little table. The whole thing was done in less than five seconds. It was a digital photo; the photographer said it was all right when he saw it. I was afraid I blinked; I always do. I can't tell you how many Olan Mills photos my parents have where I blinked or am squinting.

I don't know when I'm going to get the pictures back, but I just hope the result is good! Keep your fingers crossed; this one's going in the yearbook, whether I like it or not!

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