Saturday, February 7, 2009

I can haz an award! Thanks Vickie!

Here's an award that was just bestowed upon me by my lovely new bloggy friend Vickie, whom I met over at Yaya's. Merci beaucoup, ma cherie!
I will bestow this award on more fellow bloggers, but I can no longer ignore the rumbly in my tummy. Where's breakfast?


Jodi said...

I was hungry too by 10:40am. You had to see what I just ate for "brunch". On one piece of Wonder bread I made a half of peanut butter only sandwich of "cleaning out the peanut butter jar" before I threw it away.

I really could go for mac and cheese. See what you started? LOL

Vickie said...

Je t'en prie.

Kitten said...

Jodi: LOL! I've started a blogswarm of mac attacks!

Vickie: Tu parles francais, aussi? :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You do have a super neat blog!

Vickie said...

Actually, I took it all the way from high school through the middle of my college years. I was able to read it and have a conversation. My friend and I used it to talk when my boyfriend was in the room. She didn't want him to know what we were talking about. A little rude I know. But, he turned out to be a jerk anyway:)

But, that was in 1992. I stopped using it and forgotten alot. I used to know christmas songs in french. Now I don't:(

I actually had to look up "your welcome"