Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Thunks: February 26, 2009

Welcome, Kittens, to another episode of Thursday Thunks!

1. What kind of dryer sheets do you use?
I don't use dryer sheets. I use Method fabric softener.
2. How many times a week do you eat out/order in?
Once a week, usually.
3. What did you do the night of your high school graduation?
I went to a party that the school held.
4. So Octomom is rumored to have been offered a million bucks to do a porno. Would you do it for a million?
I wish everyone would leave Octomom alone. I'm not answering this one.
5. If your child was born with an extra finger or toe, would you have it surgically removed?
Only if it significantly affected his/her way of living.
6. What was the last movie you saw?
I honestly have no idea. I haven't been to the cinema in five or six years. I hate going to the movies...I'll blog about that some other time.
7. I wanna buy you a dozen roses, what color should they be?
Peach colored. I hate red roses!
8. You are walking across the street, you are not quite half way when a speeding car comes... you have to run to get out of its way, which direction do you run?
In the opposite direction of the car! Or whatever direction that'll let me get out of the way!
9. Tell us about a time when you were invited over somewhere and had the most awful time.
I was invited to a friend's birthday party my freshman year of high school. I didn't know anyone else at the party except for my friend. I was very shy when I was in high school, and that made it much harder for me.
10. You open your front door and there is a box with a puppy in it... what do you do?
Take it to the Humane Society. The cats wouldn't get along with it. Besides, I already have the maximum number of pets that my condo association will permit me to have.


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Great. Now what am I going to do with the red roses I bought you?

Ann said...

I think you and I were at the same party in high school.

Vickie said...

Another fun read. I love any kind of color of roses. Hey, I am happy if I get flowers:)

Kitten said...

Bud: You got me roses? How sweet...I'll take 'em! I'll forgive you this time, but the next bunch has gotta be peach!

Ann: Which party are you referring to? Graduation or the #9 question?

Vickie: Bud's the first guy to give me flowers in a very long time. ;)