Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Thunks: February 19, 2009

Good day, Kittens, and welcome to another fun-filled episode of Thursday Thunks!

1. What brand & flavor of toothpaste do you use?
Crest Multi-Care Whitening Plus Scope, peppermint flavor. Mama Cat, in her infinite wisdom, gifted me with a four-pack of extra large tubes of this stuff two Christmases ago. She got it at Costco, along with a whole bunch of other items. I'm on the last tube now. (I go through about two tubes of toothpaste per year. Remember, Kittens, I am the only human living in my condo).

2. What is your earliest memory?
The birth of Sister Kitten. I was three years old at the time, and I remember running up and down the nursery hall, between my mother's room, and looking at my brand-new baby sister.

3. Hot Dogs or Hamburgers?
Hamburgers, by far. Do y'all know what hot dogs are made of? Honestly!

4. If you could bring any one famous person back to life, who would it be?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR). I'd like for him and President Obama to have a serious meeting of the minds. I wonder what FDR would think about our current economic situation, and how he would help our current president resolve it.

5. What is one thing we would always find in your fridge... what one thing would we never find?
You will always find a bottle of white wine in my fridge. I tend towards pinot grigio, but I also like a nice chardonnay. One thing you will never find, sadly, is a bottle of Dom... :(

6. Did you have to go and look for the answer of #1?
Nope. I've been using Crest since I was a kid, with the exceptions of the rare occasions when Papa Cat did the grocery shopping. Then we'd find Aim or Gleem near the bathroom sink. Eventually, he got the message, and stopped grocery shopping.

7. What don't watermelons grow on trees?
Do you mean "WHY" don't watermelons grow on trees? Because the watermelons would just weigh down the tree branches and eventually lead to the collapse of the tree.

On that note, I really wish money could grow on trees right now...if that were the case we'd all be out of this stinkin' financial crisis right now...or we'd be in debt, since there are either few or no plants that bear fruit year-round (I'm no botanist, so don't ask...)

8. What is something that you own that you should probably just throw in the trash, but you never will?
My Cape Cod sweatshirt. It's old, aging, and ratty, but it has sentimental value. It will be 17 years old this year. I guess I should throw away my blue Fairfield sweatshirt, too (the one I'm wearing now), but I can't, for the same reasons.

9. I push you into a room and lock the door. I leave you there for 6 hours. The walls are chalkboards and in the middle of the room there is a box of colored chalk. What will be written/drawn on the walls when I let you out?
Doodles of my cats. Doodles of trees. Writing that says, "GET ME THE F--- OUTTA HERE!" No grand artwork, cuz I can't draw.

10. When was the last time you changed the oil on your car?
Why, two weeks ago, as a matter of fact!

11. In your extended family, who has been married the longest?
My aunt and uncle. They've been married almost 50 years.

12. Name one thing that is so normal to you now that someone who was your age 50 years ago would think was abnormal.
Well, let's see, let's think back, an almost-33-year-old woman in 1959, what would be abnormal to an almost-33-year-old woman in 1959? AH! Eureka! I've got it! Being an unmarried homeowner with a successful career and no ambitions to marry or to raise kids! That would be abnormal to an almost-33-year-old woman in 1959! But it's perfectly normal to me--because I've just described myself!

13. Have you ever wanted someone or something so bad that it hurt? first love...back in high school. Like many of my loves, it was, of course, unrequited. Remember, Kittens, I have a PhD in Unrequited Love from the School of Hard Knocks.

14. What do you dip your french fries in?
Ketchup. Good ol', plain, ordinary, Heinz 57. No other ketchup will do.

15. What was the last picture that you took?
It was a picture of Sister Kitten's oldest cat as she sat in her LL Bean terrycloth tote bag.


Jodi said...

I am so with you on the Heinz Ketchup answer. No other mayo besides Hellmans as well. There are just things one cannot substitute.

Mel said...

#12 for the WIN!

Mel said...

#12 for the win!

Vickie said...

I hate hotdogs. I hate anything that looks like a hotdog. Ewe, gross!!

Robin said...

FDR might have some wisdom for Obama. Good idea.

StraitJacketMom (Berleen) said...

I think everyone wants a money tree *sigh*

damn money.