Thursday, February 26, 2009

A plug for my friend Yaya

Kittens, I need your help!

Meet my friend Yaya.

The guy in her button is her hubby, Josh. Click on the button to go directly to her blog.

Why am I directing you here, Kittens? Well, Yaya and Josh are going through the adoption process, and it is tres expensive. Yaya's having a little fundraiser over at her place to help pay for the funds that come with adopting a child. You'll find out a lot more information when you go visit her.

Here's a little bit of her story: Yaya's been struggling with infertility. She has had several miscarriages. She is determined to fulfill her dream of parenthood. Yaya's very open about her struggles, and her blog is one of the most honest I read every day. You feel every single emotion with her. You begin to hope with her, dream with her, cry with her. I admire Yaya for her candor and humor as she and her hubby go through this journey.

Yaya is also a very loyal friend. She was one of my first followers and always showers comment love upon me and her fellow bloggers. I always break into a smile when I see that Yaya's left a comment on my Gmail.

I know a lot of you already read Yaya's blog, but if you don't, please go visit and read her story! It's at points both heartbreaking and humorous, but is always a great read!

So please send Yaya your love and give her a hand! If you can't donate, leave her a comment of support!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! Your kind words brought a little tear to my eye! (darn progesterone....)

Thank you!

Vickie said...

I also posted about Yaya. But your post was filled with emotion. You are a writer...great job:)

CDB said...

This is such a nice thing to do, to feature her! I will check her out, thanks for telling us about her!