Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday 9: Be My Valentine

And now...a very special edition of the Saturday 9 for Valentine's Day!!!

1. Do you have Valentine’s Day plans?
Nothing special other than going shopping at Macy's with a friend of mine. I've never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day. That having been said, I'm baking a heart-shaped red velvet cake for coffee hour at church on Sunday.

2. Do you buy a Valentine’s Day gift for someone special?

3. What, so far, was the happiest event of your life?
Landing in Paris for the first time, when I was 18 years old. It had been a dream of mine since childhood to visit the City of Light, and I was overjoyed when it finally came true.

4. What is the best job that you ever have had?
The job I have now. I work with a great bunch of people.

5. What would be your fantasy job?
I'd love to be a freelance writer and make my own hours. Ideally, I'd like to write book reviews for the New York Times and have a book of essays published. I've already picked out the title: The Gospel According to Kitten.

6. What would you think would be the worst job?
That's a tough one...for me, the worst job would be to collect the dead bodies from murder scenes. The combination of the emotional lows you'd experience, as well as the physical gruesomeness, make it a horrid experience.

7. What foreign countries have you visited?
I've been to a lot of foreign countries thanks to cruising. Does it count that I only visited these ports for one day? I think so, so here's the list: I've been to Spain, France, Germany, St. Maarten, Mexico, Belize, and Haiti.

8. What foreign country would be your fantasy trip?
I've got two that are in a tie for first on the wish list. The first one is Australia. I'd love to visit Sydney and explore the bush country. The second one is Italy. I'd like to do the tourist thing for a couple of weeks, then rent a house in Tuscany for a month. (Hell, I'd love to buy a house in Tuscany!)

9. Since leaving your home growing up, how many places have you lived?
Other than living at college, I've lived in two places: my first apartment, then the condo where I currently live.

See y'all manana for the Sunday Stealing Meme!


Anonymous said...

I hope all of your dreams come true!

Jodi said...

Red velvet cake - YUMMY! I love to get red velvet whoopie pies from Amish country.

I think you would be AWESOME at any of those fantasy jobs you chose! I hope you get to do one or all of them!

Tuscany - I would love to do that too!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Other than the plane ride, I think a trip down under would be terrific! Happy Saturday...

Vickie said...

Oh Tuscany!! I dream of a home there ever since I saw the movie about Tuscany with Diane Lane. I love it so much I forgot the name:)

Amber said...

#6 was a very thoughtful answer, and I'd totally have to agree!

Jenners said...

I could not think of a worse job than what you came up with! My goodness!