Monday, February 9, 2009

Kitten's first original meme

The very funny blog The Scattered Mind of a Tattooed Minivan Mom is sponsoring a "Make Your Own Meme Monday." I love memes, and I thought, how could I not participate?

I don't know how original this one is; I would not be surprised if Crazy Sam wrote something like this, or if Judd stole it one Sunday. But here we along if you'd like...

1. What was your first car?
My first car was a 1994 Ford Tempo. White. Four doors. My friends christened it "The Cop Car."
2. How did you acquire said car?
It was a 21st birthday present from my parents.
3. Were you involved in choosing the car?
No, but I was pretty damn grateful that I had a vehicle.
4. Did you go on any road trips?
I drove out to Cleveland with a friend of mine for another friend's graduation party. We split the driving. On the way out we drove five hours, bunked at a Travelodge, then drove the rest of the way the next day. On the way back we drove all 10 hours the same day, with pit stops for meals.
5. Did you ever get into an accident in the car?
No accidents, although the fuel pump went after I had it for a month.
6. Did you use the car for any--ahem--"romantic activities"? I drove a Tempo, remember? We all know that Ford Tempos were real guy magnets. :P
7. How many miles were you able to put on the car before its demise?
I had 120,000 miles on it, or thereabouts. And then it started falling apart on me. First it wouldn't start, and then the tranny started going...that's when I got the car I have today.
8. How did the car meet its demise?
See #7.
9. Do you miss your first car?
Yes, because it was my first car. No, because it gave me a lot of problems toward the end.
10. Fondest memories of the car?
Just having the feeling of independence that comes with having your first vehicle. I'd roll the windows down in the summer, turn the radio all the way up, and sing along. I'd take the long way home just so I could drive a little while longer. Add a few friends in the back, singing along with you, and you've got some good times.
***UPDATED TO ADD: If you would like to use this meme, make sure you link your post back to this one! Thanks!***


Janna said...

What an unusual Meme. I think I will have to use this sometime, if it's okay with you!

Anonymous said...

Cute car meme! My first was a nova!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for playing along. I'll have to steal this one too. Especially since my first car had such a history behind it.

What part of Connecticut do you live in? My husband grew up there and is right now flying home from a quick visit there.

Nice to meet you!

Kitten said...

Glad you girls liked the meme! Janna and TattooedMinivanMom, it was great to meet you guys! Please stop by again! I can't wait to hear the story of your first cars!

Yaya: A Nova?!?! A friend of mine from high school drove a Nova, too. She was the only girl in school who had an 8-track in her car. LOL

Jenners said...

Great meme idea! I'm definitely going to do it either tomorrow or Wednesday. I was already beginning to write it in my head as I was reading your asnwers! FUN FUN FUN!

Vickie said...

Good idea for a meme. My first was a 92 Dodge Spirit.

Lynette said...

LOL. It's possible to be "romantically atheletic" in any car. The Hubs had a pinto when we were dating (of course, this was high school, so I was lots more flexible) but it was done..

Kitten said...

Jenners: Can't wait to see your answers!

Vickie: A good friend of mine had a 92 Spirit as well.

Lynette: A Pinto, eh? My parents had two Pintos when I was growing up! One, all right, but two?!?

Jenners said...

Hey! I did your meme and just posted it! : )

Mel said...

I loved this meme. I saw it on Jenners' blog and borrowed it for mine. I linked back to you.

Anonymous said...

I saw this meme over at Jenners and thought I'd give it a whirl ;) Thanks for the idea!