Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Updates: Critters and Kitten

Hello, Kittens!

First of all, thanks to everyone for their words of reassurance and advice after I posted about the butter-eating dog. The poor pup still has the runs, and is now on a diet of wet dog food, rice, kibble, and Maalox. Strawberry-flavored Maalox. In one bowl. It's a lovely-smelling concoction.

I'm here at my friend's house tonight, once again. She has a relative who just was admitted to hospice, and she's staying over there tonight. I offered to take care of the animals if she needed it. So tonight, I'm sleeping over with the pups and cat. I'm administering the Butter Eater a dose of Maalox and wet food at 9 PM.

And here's an update from me...thanks to everyone for their suggestions for celebrating my birthday next week. I'll respond to everyone's comments soon; I've only had time tonight to visit one or two blogs. I haven't been home much since Sunday. I'll play catch-up with everyone later this week. I have a couple of post-dated entries that you'll see in the next few days, though.

I will be back, and soon!


Anonymous said...

I've missed you! But, I understand that your week is crazy busy! Good luck with all of the animals.

Vickie said...

The poor pouchie. The pup will probably be fine in a few more days. Apparently, butter is a great laxative.

CDB said...

That was so sweet and kind of you to offer to help with the dogs and kitties.. what a good friend.

See you when you get back! (oh, meant to mention earlier.. you are just 4 mos behind me, my big 3-3 was in Nov.!)

Anonymous said...

Have fun smelling those butter farts tonight...lol!

Anonymous said...

Hey it's MY birthday next week too! Does this mean we get TWO cakes???

Jodi said...

What a great friend you are to make yourself available like that!

I'm sorry to hear the pup still has the runs. I hope that he is feeling better too.