Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Oscars highlights

Dedicated to Yaya, who needed something funny to brighten her day.

In case you missed it, here are three fantabulous clips from last night's Oscars.

We start off with the opening number--my favorite part of the ceremony. I heart Hugh Jackman. But you already knew that, Kittens.

We follow with a bit featuring Seth Rogan and James Franco in their Pineapple Express personas. Freakin' hilarious.

Finally, we finish with a musical number featuring Hugh Jackman, Beyonce, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Dominic Cooper, and Amanda Seyfried.

On a side note, I think Hugh Jackman should have a Vegas revue. Or better yet, have a revue at one of our casinos here. Yeahhhh...


Yaya said...

Thanks for the post!

That opening skit was awesome. Loved the little dance sequences.

And the pineapple express characters were great laughing at the wrong parts! ha!

And Beyonce-how the heck is she dancing in those heels??!

Thanks again for the laughs!

blueviolet said...

Hugh Jackman was completely entertaining, wasn't he? He should be on Broadway!

Jenners said...

I had it on in the background and loved the James Franco/Seth Rogen thing ... missed the end because, as always, it went tooooooo long. Loved the Ben Stiller busting on Joaquin Phoenix thing too!

Chessa! said...

the opening was awesome! I loved it. And who knew Anne Hathaway could sing?! The skit with Seth and James made me crack up...and it made me miss Freaks and Geeks! It was just ahead of its time. SO GOOD.

Vickie said...

I always though Hugh Jackman was a cutie. But then he started singing and my mouth dropped!! He is great.

This is Wolverine!! Oh.My.Gosh!!

Kitten said...

Blueviolet and Vickie: Hugh won a Tony in 2005 for his role as Peter Allen in The Boy from Oz. I'll have to repost the link so you can see a clip.

Chessa: I miss Freaks and Geeks too!

Jenners: I must admit that I didn't get the Ben Stiller thing at took me a minute, but when I got the joke, I had to laugh!

Jodi said...

I missed the whole thing. I have to admit. I didn't see any of the Oscar movies.

You heart Hugh Jackman and I heart Josh Holloway. Hehehehe.