Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday cat blogging: Staying warm and cozy

I live in a condo, sans fireplace. In lieu of one, here's what Maggie and Gabby do to keep themselves toasty during the winter months:

They love hanging out by the radiator. The white wire you see there is for my cable; I need to get it re-hooked soon.

And here's another way Gabby likes to keep warm:

Is there any cat who doesn't love a pile of laundry? Especially clean laundry?

Happy Friday, Kittens! Stay warm and cozy yourselves!


OrLaNd said...

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Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Great pics.
Happy Friday to you as well!

Amber said...

LOL, it's like they immediately sense when something doesn't have their hair on it, and feel the need to remedy the situation. Love it.

drollgirl said...

cats are schmart. cute post!

Jodi said...

OMG that reminds me of my Harley. He literally goes and faces it with his face like 3 centimeters away from it. I am always afraid he is going to burn himself but my hubby convinces me that if he was uncomfortable he would move. We have a joke about it now. We say he is "being punished" looks like if you sent someone to stand in the corner. He literally faces it. It is so funny!

Your babies are adorable!!!

Kitten said...

Bud: Glad you liked the pics!

Amber: cats seem to have 6th senses about where they haven't shed, as well as people who despise cats. My grandmother HATED cats, and my parents' cat always made an extra special effort to rub her legs or sit in her lap.

Drollgirl: Cats are schmart, all right!

Jodi: Maggie and Gabby thank you for your compliments. :)

Coffee Slut said...

omg they are sooooo sweet!

NurseExec said...

Love the pictures of your "babies"!

Kitten said...

Coffee Slut: They are very sweet. Gabby is the sweetest of the two, though. Whenever I have guests, Gabby alwasy goes up to them, marks them, sits in their laps, and for those who sit on the couch, rubs her face in their hair. Fortunately most of my guests aren't weirded out by the hair thing. :)

NurseExec: Thanks for the compliments! They are my feline kids; I'd be devistated if anything happened to them. Pets really are family!