Saturday, January 3, 2009


Happy New Year, Kittens!

I've been off the blog for a couple of days, and not by choice. I am housesitting right now, and the people I am housesitting for do not have a computer. Well, they do, it's just password-protected. I'm at my own home for a few hours; I stopped in to tidy up, do laundry, and check in on the velcro cats, whom I've really missed.

Now you're probably asking yourselves why I do this when I have two pets of my own to care for. Well, the money's good, and Mags and Gabs are good for a day on their own. I stop by every other day to freshen up their food and water, and clean their boxes. This particular gig ends next Tuesday, so I won't be gone for much longer.

I've been going through blog withdrawl; I've missed you all! I'll be back sometime mid next week to update you on everything. Hope you're new year's been great so far!

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Anonymous said...

I would lose my mind without the Internet!!