Sunday, January 18, 2009


I got home from Sturbridge an hour ago, Kittens, and I am now back to reading everyone's updates and responding to comments. It was really good to get away, especially after last week's stresses. I didn't know how much I missed scrapbooking and cropping until I got there and started cropping and scrapping away. I must have done between 25 and 30 pages, and am about done with the first volume of photos that I took from my semester abroad in Paris--thirteen years ago this September. I've scrapped other, more current photos since then, but have sadly neglected this phase of my life. Until now. My goal is to finally have it completed by the end of this year.

Anyhoo, the updates are now going to be more consistent this week. But I just wanted to post a quick note hello just to let you all know I haven't forgotten about you! See y'all later!


NurseExec said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

Kitten said...

I had an awesome time!!! It was great to escape from reality for a weekend. I really needed it!!!