Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kitten's library caboodle: January 29-31, 2009

This is a post that was once in a category called Library Loot. While it still will receive that label, I think the actual post title is more fun. :)

Anyhoo, can I tell you how much I love interlibrary loan? I was able to get these books from another library in the state:

Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris, by Paul Gallico
Mrs. 'Arris Goes to New York, by Paul Gallico
Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Parliament, by Paul Gallico
Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Moscow, by Paul Gallico

I found these four books under a review posted over on J. Kaye's Book Blog. A few years ago, I remember watching a made for TV movie based on Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris, which starred Angela Lansbury in the title role. I love anything Angela Lansbury's in; my whole family watched Murder, She Wrote together for the whole time it was on CBS.

I also got two other books:

  • The Middle Place, by Kelly Corrigan
  • Street Gang: The Complete History of Sesame Street, by Michael Davis (This is the book I'm currently reading!)

Well, Kittens, just wanted to share that with you! Reviews coming soon; my reading list keeps growing and growing!


Amber said...

I'm a fan of Angeal Lansbury as well, I remember trying hard to figure out whodunit before my mom or gramma did when we watched the show together.

Vickie said...

Holy cow! That is alot of books. I also love the interlibrary loan program. I can also get cds and movies. It is cool.

Vickie said...

BTW, I do live in the mitten. About 30 miles north of Detroit.

Jenners said...

I'm trying to think why "The Middle Place" sounds so familiar. Can't place it right now.

Looking forward to your reviews!

And I know what you mean about the reading list ... every time I visit a book blog, I add another book to my TBR pile!!!