Thursday, January 29, 2009

President Obama on winter weather

Yesterday, a massive snow and ice storm made its way through the eastern half of the United States.

Here's what President Obama had to say about the weather in Washington:


Vickie said...

Isn't he a cutie:)

Anonymous said...

That's funny! It's so true-it's all regional perspective. If VA gets an inch of snow they close schools bc the buses don't have snow tires! (we had friends in VA)

Jodi said...

I'm scared to death of ice...I'm with the Washington people!! LOL!

Kitten said...

Vickie: It seems like President Obama is a really good dad. I saw him on the news as he and Sasha walked to the viewing stand of the inaugural parade, holding hands. Sasha was smiling BIG. :)

Yaya: My aunt moved from Westchester County, NY, where she spent most of her life, to Wilmington, NC three years ago. During her first snowfall, she was amazed at the reactions of the North Carolinians. It literally was as if they had never seen snow before, and everything was canceled.

Jodi: I'm with the Washintonians myself. I could never survive a Chicago winter!