Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Thunk: January 29, 2009

Helllllooooooooooo, Kittens! Time once again for a round of Thursday Thunks!

This week, while the questions are good, as always, my answers are a little boring. That, and somehow the posting format's screwed up, so my Thunk for this week is not up to what I feel are my usual standards.

1. Have you ever felt alone, but yet there are people around you?
Oh God, yeah. Doesn't everyone feel that way sometimes?

2. Do you have any video game consoles? Which ones?
I've never owned a video game console. Video games just aren't my thing. Last time I played one I got motion sickness from staring at the screen.

3. Do you freak out at food warnings/outbreaks, such as the recent peanut butter salmonella scare?

4. What color/pattern is your beds' comforter/bedspread?
I have a white Martha Stewart duvet cover with some embroidery on it. During the winter I use an old lumpy quilt with blue and purple poppies on it.

5. How many windows do you have in your house?
Five: two in the living room, two in the bedroom/loft, and one small one in the foyer.

6. Name six things that are in your bathroom.
I have a toilet, tub, sink, medicine chest above the sink, medicine chest above the toilet, and my electric toothbrush, in addition to the usual health and beauty aids found in any bathroom.

7. How big is your garage? Should it be bigger?

I live in a condo complex with a parking lot. I don't have a garage.

8. Got your taxes done yet?

I just received my last W-2 form in the mail today. Now that I've got all my tax info I can finally send them over to my accountant.

9. Think of a mental disorder..... why did you think of that particular one?

Schizophrenia, because it has a long name.


Jenners said...

Hi! Interesting questions and not so bad answers! I wish we got our W2s already...I really like to know if we are going to get any money back or not!

I wanted to respond to your comment on my book review of Lottery -- I didin't see your e-mail so I am doing it here. 1) If you belong to Paperback Swap, I just posted it there so you can snag it if you want ... no one has requested it yet. I was going to do a giveaway but I'm afraid the author will come back to my blog and see I am doing it and be mad or something. Am I a freak or what??? and 2) I did read "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" quite a few years ago but I'm thinking about rereading now that I'm a little "older" and might appreciate it more! ; )

Jenners said...

Oopps..someone just requested "Lottery" from Paperback Swap so I guess you can't snag it! Sorry! That one went fast! I only posted it about 1 hour ago!

Jodi said...

I get motion sickness looking at the new video games my nephew has. The screen moves too much. I played Grand Theft Auto and I suck at it big time. I blew myself up - twice. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Haha, my hubby totally threw out all our peanut products lately!

Vickie said...

My Hubby wants me to throw out our pb. It is in a jar, so it is the safe stuff. He is so paranoid.

Amber said...

I got motion sickness once watching my Mr play a first person shooter game on a huge LCD screen tv once. So I try not to watch them anymore. I'm fine when I'm playing them though...
Hee hee, lump quilt.
hey, we had the same #9!